SDXC U2 UHS-II or SDXC Ultra High Speed Class 2 - SDXC2

As the sizes of SDXC flash memory cards grows from inicial 64GB to flash storage sizes of beyond 512GB and even up to 2TB the need for a faster bus speed for reading and writing data to the cards becomes clear. That is where the new SD 4.0 standard and UHS-2 comes into play. With the addition of a second row of pins a new dual-row interface is introduced for reaching bus speeds of 105MB/s to 300MB/s are reachable! And with this pin layout solution that is similar to USB 3.0 - the old cards can be read in the new SD slots / readers, and the new cards can shamelessly integrate into all devices.

The evolution of SD cards from original 2MB SD to SDHC and SDXC UHAS-II Cards!

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About UHS-II SDXC 2 cards from SD Association

The new design increases read the card / write speeds of up later to 300 MB / s SDHC cards and Memory SDXC. Features include new technology, the Dual-Pin-row cards readers / slots remain fully compatible with all existing SD and SDHC memory cards SDXC. The technique transmits the signal to a higher speed through the second set of pins to keep the other row of pins for existing devices that are not compatible with this standard. Norm Frentz, chairman of the SD Association, says that "SD is now ready for High Definition video from Hollywood film studios, television, or supports HD video taken on your last vacation." It remains to say that the SD Association is dedicated to the preservation of the "usefulness and value of life" of products around the popular SD memory card ecosystems. Today, Ultra High Speed (UHS-I and UHS-II (UHS-2 / U2)) SD cards, the highest transmission rate information in the field of sustainable development to 300MB / s. The new SD cards will be expected to show up on the store shelves in spring 2011.

dual-row pin SDXC UHS-2

USB 3.0 is the perfect "sister" interface for linking new generation high-speed SD cards to PC. Only with a eSATA, USB3 or micro usb3 will you get the full SDXH2 max speed without the link / adapter being the bottleneck.